Three Essential Things to Consider When Selecting Your Kitchen Countertop in Toronto


Planning a renovation or choosing details for a custom home can be exciting! It’s fun to pore through options, but it can also be challenging to know which factors are most critical as you compare different materials and designs for your kitchen countertop in Toronto. If you’re working with a designer or builder, they’ll give recommendations, but the ultimate decision rests on your shoulders. When you consider all the possibilities, there are three essential questions you should ask to make the perfect selection.

How does it look?

This question may seem obvious, but all too often when beginning Toronto kitchen countertop research, the visual aspect of your decision falls to the wayside against a stack of statistics about hardness, durability, and maintenance. These factors are important too, but don’t lose your vision for how your dream kitchen will look.

Do you want light countertops that brighten the room or dark countertops that speak of elegance? Is there a material you love the look of? Modern options like quartz and porcelain tile can be manufactured in stunning designs that look just like natural stone. When you know the look you want, you can narrow down material options that make the plan possible, then move on to the next two practical questions.

How will it hold up over time?

When choosing the kitchen counters of your dreams, you’ll undoubtedly want them to remain beautiful and functional for many years. Some countertop materials look stunning just after installation, but they’re prone to staining or cracking over time.

Consider the type of activities that happen most often in this room – is it primarily an area for food prep or is it also a place to socialize? Will your counters be a surface for other projects where they may be subject to spilled glue or ink? Do you typically keep your kitchen surfaces clear, or will you also have small appliances sliding across them?

How likely are spills to soak in?

For most homes in Toronto, kitchen countertops should be highly durable and easy to maintain. Look for substances that are non-porous like quartz, since these can repel liquids and will be less likely to stain. Ask the manufacturer what kind of ongoing maintenance is required to protect any warranty they offer and keep counters in their best state. Materials like natural stone or even cement, which is a fashionable look today, often require wax or resealing to avoid discolouration and cracks.

What’s the cost?

Hopefully, the price isn’t the only deciding factor in your renovation or custom build, but once you’ve narrowed down optimal choices, the price point can certainly help to finalize your decision. Keep in mind that you’re investing in surfaces you’ll be using for years to come, and compromising on quality to save money can lead to frustration.

At Quartex Surfaces, we’re confident we can help you find the perfect material and design for your budget and aesthetic goals. Call us today for a consultation or to book a visit to our showrooms. We’ll be pleased to help you discover what beautiful options can complete your home.

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