The Top 5 Myths About Quartz Countertops in Toronto

quartz countertops in Toronto
There is some confusion about Toronto Quartz Countertops due to misconceptionsand incorrect information available online. We’re here to clarify some of the confusing or misleading things you may have heard about this new and popular countertop material.

First Rumour : They Aren’t As Durable As Granite

Completely contrary to this claim, Toronto quartz countertops are actually much stronger than a granite countertop. Quartz is made 93% of natural stone and the remaining 7% of a binding substance that increases the durability tenfold. That is just one of many reasons that gourmet chefs and amateur cooks alike love quartz countertops. It is always nice not having to worry about your counter holding germs or cracking when you’re preparing your next meal.

A Positive Rumour, But Still False: Quartz Is Indestructible

It is extremely difficult to damage this sturdy surface. Just keep it away from excessive impacts or force which can lead to chipping. If this does happen, a quick repair is quite easy, and cost-effective to do on your own. These countertops are relatively easy to keep new-lookingwithout having a handyman on speed dial. In addition to keeping the surface away from blunt force, direct sunlight may fade the colour in your counter so avoid direct UV exposure if possible. Quartz is among the most durable materials used in countertops today. It is not indestructible, but just about as close as you can get with available materials today.

Another Rumour : Quartz Needs To Be Resealed Regularly

Rumour : You Have No Variety With Toronto Quartz Countertops
Conversely, the range is endless. We don’t have enough space on this blog to list how many options you, as a consumer, have when personalizing your quartz countertop to your taste. Matte or polished, rugged or smooth, all colours of the rainbow – depending on you and your kitchen, you can have anything you would like. Quartz can even be made to mimic the look of granite and marble. We welcome you to come visit our beautiful showroom at Quartex and see for yourself- you’ll be amazed.

Rumour : Quartz Is Expensive

Quartz, among high end and luxury countertop materials, is one of the least expensive. Without compromising looks, quartz comes in more budget-friendly in most casessimply due to its availability and engineeringprocess. Without requiring transport from a foreign quarry, your quartz has a much smaller carbon footprint,and price tag.
We hope this clarified some common misconceptions for you and you will be able to pick out the rumours from the truth when it comes to your future quartz needs. We look forward to assisting you with your next home transformation.

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