The Advantages & Disadvantages of Porcelain Countertops in Toronto

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Toronto Porcelain Countertops In Your Modern Kitchen

You may be aware that porcelain already has a strong foothold with luxury designers in Europe, and its popularity has been growing steadily in North America as well. With most of these high-end countertops being imported from foreign markets like Spain, it has been somewhat expensive for North Americans to get their hands on them – until now. Quartex has an expansive showroom and knowledgeable staff who can help you find the elegant, beautiful design materials you need. Read on to learn why more of our customers in Toronto choose porcelain countertops over other various stone options. Porcelain countertops boasta very impressive list of pros, which we will review, and thankfully very few disadvantages.

What Is A Porcelain Countertop Made From?

Porcelain is a manufactured clay that contains many heavy minerals, lending it strength and variety of colouring options. During the manufacturing process, different glazing techniquesare applied to change the colour or even create texture. Your porcelain appearance can match that of a more natural stone such as marble, slate, travertine or granite. The looks are not limited to stone; finishes can mimic wood, leather and even metal. Due to the advanced process of manufacturing,the variety of potential patterns and effects are nearly endless. This is one of many advantages that porcelain has over less flexible materials.

Toronto Porcelain Countertops – Even More Advantages

Something unique that porcelain brings to your living space is its luxurious look with remarkably low maintenance. Did you know that porcelain, while appearing refined, can be cleaned with products such as bleach and ammonia? These corrosive substances are completely off limits for most high-end stone finishes, yet the fire glazed finish on porcelain is both robust and beautiful, so you can clean with whatever you please. This is a stress-free design material that suits busy individuals with great taste.

Another advantage is its light-weight nature partnered with impressive durability. This makes it easy to work with either on your own or for your expert installers. Performance surfaces that are this strong suit professional chefs and every day busy kitchens.

The next advantage is how the porcelain is cut. Arriving at your home in one large slab, rather than coming in multiple pieces like other high-end countertop materials, you eliminate unnecessary seams on your counterspace. This makes the surface easier to clean and means that your countertop will be more resistant to chipping, wear and tear.

So, What Are The Disadvantages?

You could say that a disadvantage is that not enough people are aware of how versatile this elegant material really is.

In the past porcelain has conjured images of white sinks and pristine washrooms, yet, it can do so much more. At Quartex, our experts would love to talk with you about this exciting trend and show you a wide selection of materials and design ideas we have in our showrooms. Please call or visit us today!

At Quartex, our experts would love to talk with you about porcelain countertops and show you a wide selection of materials and design ideas we have in our showrooms.

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