Quartz Countertops in Toronto Are The Latest Trend For Interior Designers


In a world where materials like granite previously dominated the kitchen building material discussion, a new challenger approaches – a product that not only outdoes the competition regarding performance but also price point and customization. This material is none other than quartz. Toronto’s countertops are joining the savvy, high-end homes around the world designing with this beautiful manufactured rock. For the kitchen or the bathroom, read on to learn why quartz is the right choice for your space.

So, Why Choose Quartz?

Quartz is a highly durable, customizable and low maintenance countertop material that also is consistently much more affordable. This opens up almost any homeowner to the world of high-end countertops.

Quartz can take quite the beating. Children, pets, even hosting gatherings frequently can’t wear down or dull this beautiful surface. Due to the manufacturing process, quartz, unlike natural stone, comes in a completely solid slab free from impurities, weak spots and imperfections. This byproduct of the manufacturing process allows your quartz to handle everyday abuse compared with some more conventional materials such as granite.

Personalize Your Finishes

On top of this, your quartz is highly customizable. Due to the manufacturing process, our skilled engineers can not only choose the dimensions and finish, but they can also select specific characteristics such as colour or texture, and even mimic other materials. On top of this personalization, due to the solidness of the slab, the countertop won’t feel hollow. Even with all of these perks, the price of quartz countertops in Toronto often ends up being less than other materials, upfront and in the long term .

Less Expensive

Because of the way natural stone materials like granite are sourced, more often than not, you’ll end up paying much more for them due to the quarrying and transportation they require. Compare this with the ease of locally sourced and produced quartz. Being often mined straight from the Earth in far-off lands, natural materials are imperfect and the difficulty of finding uniform, flawless pieces drives up the cost. Quartz, on the other hand, is made locally – saving you a fortune and also allowing you to stoke the local economy. It is a situation where your value is shared with your community.

Easy To Care For

Quartz countertops, unlike competitor materials, can be easily maintained with virtually any household product, without risk of stain or damage to the surface. On top of this already excellent selling point, they don’t need to be resealed yearly like some other high-end counterparts. This saves you frustration, as well as expenses. Toronto quartz countertops are your home’s next stepping-stone into custom-designed finishes, or a worthy upgrade if you find your current surfaces are falling short.

Feel free to contact any of our counterspace experts if you have additional questions about how a quartz countertop could benefit your home, in the kitchen or any space.

Stain Resistant

Natural Durability

Low Maintenance

Colour & Texture