Porcelain Countertops in Toronto : The Newest Trends

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Porcelain Countertops In Your Designer Kitchen

Porcelain is very big in Europe. Like many style trends, North America has been following suit withan increasing demand for these fixtures as the newest kitchen design trend. These designer products from Spain and other countries in Europe are hitting the market fast and hard – but they’re not shattering into dust. Let’s look at why this trend is expected to last. Toronto Porcelain countertops carry a long list of benefits and a few considerations:

What Is A Porcelain Countertop Exactly?

Porcelain is defined as “white, vitrified translucent ceramic.” Quite a mouthful to say, in other words, porcelain is made from clay that has a large number of strong minerals and mineral oxides. Choosing which minerals to mix with our clay allow us to pick desired colours, strengths and shape them into their desired application, like a designer sink for example.

Who Should Think About Getting A Toronto Porcelain Countertop?

If you enjoy the elegant appearance of marble but are put off by its brittleness and problematic staining, porcelain is perfect for you. Gain all the rich beauty without the drawbacks of some other, pricey and challenging materials.
Porcelain’s primary advantage is the indiscriminate durability of ceramic. It can be cleaned very easily,and it doesn’t need to be sealed or refinished like some of its high-end, luxury competitors. If you’re seeking these traits for your renovation in Toronto, a porcelain countertop might be perfect for you.
The flexibility porcelain offers when it comes to upgrades is exceptionally user-friendly. The smooth, new surfaces can be installed right over your old countertops. Be sure to ask about this feature during your visit to Quartex.

The Importance of Seeking A Qualified Professional

Because porcelain is relatively new to the North American market, it’s essential to seek out those installation experts who are quite familiar with this material and know how to make it look flawless.
You can ask to view their previous work and even request references, to give you peace of mind about your choice. As with any countertop, if you have an improper install, not only can it lead to your slab breaking before you get to use it, but in the long run,may lead to headaches and be more prone to chipping or cracking. While this surface is relatively easy to maintain and valuable for its aesthetic richness, it must be handled with care and experience during preparation and installation.
Porcelain lends an exquisite charm and timeless beauty to almost any space. Cool to the touch and customizable according to your design preference, it’s easy to see why more people in Toronto are choosing porcelain countertops. If you’d like to learn more or you have questions about using this fine material in your home, we welcome you to call or visit us at Quartex today.

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