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Important Design Consideration

Whether you are renovating or designing a new space, choosing the best surface for your kitchen island is an important design consideration.

Kitchen Islands

Just as the kitchen is often the focal point of a home, the island is the focal point of any kitchen. It is also one of the most used surfaces, for meal preparation, eating, and a variety of other activities. In fact, for many families, the kitchen island is where children gather to do their homework, complete crafts, or have a snack. As such, it is imperative to select a material that is both durable and beautiful. At Quartex Surfaces in Toronto, we proudly offer quartz, a gorgeous and resilient engineered countertop in a wide array of finishes, which complement any lifestyle and décor.

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Quartz has recently gained popularity due to its extreme durability. While products such as concrete and granite are renowned for their resilience, they are prone to cracking, which detracts from their overall quality. Quartz, on the other hand, boasts the durability of concrete but is scratch resistant and very difficult to crack if installed correctly. This makes it an excellent option for kitchen islands, which are the surface most at risk due to everyday wear and tear. In addition, they have a much softer finish, which makes them more comfortable to work on than concrete or granite. Quartz is rated 7.0 on Moh’s Hardness Scale, a measurement of scratch resistance, in which only the most resilient resources, such as diamonds and sapphires, earn a 10.

Quartz is a non-porous surface, which means it is stain resistant. Let’s face it, it is almost impossible to prevent spills in the kitchen; whether it’s coffee, wine, tomato sauce, or juice, accidents are inevitable. While popular natural surfaces such as granite and marble easily stain when exposed to spills or leaks, quartz is a much more carefree material, which can easily tolerate spills. Quartz is also considerably more hygienic than alternative countertop options because its non-porous nature prevents the spread of bacteria. This is an invaluable advantage, as materials such as granite can harbor bacteria and viruses. Given that you prepare and consume food on the surface of your kitchen island, selecting quartz countertops will give you peace of mind that your kitchen is clean and germ free.

Another advantage of quartz is how easy it is to maintain. Unlike granite and other natural materials, which often require a specialized cleaning product and regular resealing, quartz is simple to keep clean and seals naturally, which makes it maintenance free. To keep your kitchen island clean, simply use a soft cloth or towel to wipe quartz countertops with a cleanser and water. While you can use a variety of cleansing products, it is important to avoid the use of harsh chemicals in order to maintain the pristine finish of your countertops.

At Quartex Surfaces, we guarantee the longevity and durability of our products, which is why we are proud to offer a “lifetime limited warranty” on all of our products.


In addition to its durability, quartz is a beautiful product, which delivers a high-end finish, comparable to that achieved with coveted natural stone. We carry quartz in a wide range of colours and finishes to meet any design aesthetic, from classic to country or contemporary. When you visit our showroom, we will guide you through our collection, which contains a range of beautiful colours, including brilliant white, sea salt, vanilla sky, snow flurry, sterling stone, Roman muse, café ole, and midnight smoke. Whether you are looking for a natural finish or a statement colour, we can accommodate your every need, matching your current décor or helping you bring to life your dream kitchen design. In addition, we offer a variety of different finishes, from high gloss to sandblasted or embossed. We understand that good design comes down to the details; as such, our customer care team will help you select not only the best colour and finish, but the most suitable height and edge profile – from bevel to ogee, bullnose or chaufer – for your kitchen island.

Maintaining your Quartz Kitchen Island

As mentioned, quartz is a wonderfully durable product. While its carefree nature is one of its greatest advantages, it is important to be aware that some steps should be taken to ensure that your kitchen island countertops are not damaged. Although quartz is stain, scratch, heat, and chemically resistant, inks, dye or permanent markers can stain your countertops. Thus, these markings should be immediately wiped up to prevent the ink from absorbing into the surface. Quartz should not be exposed to harsh and abrasive products and cleaners such as paint removal, turpentine, bleach, acid, and oven cleaners. In the event that your countertops are exposed to one of the aforementioned products, be sure to clean it immediately with a gentle, manufacturer approved cleansing product in order to prevent the surface from becoming damaged.

At Quartex Surfaces, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer outstanding professional service and a superior selection of high quality products. We carry a wide array of beautiful quartz countertops to meet the needs of each client, regardless of their design aesthetic or budget. We are a full-service company; from the minute you walk into our showroom we will guide you through our selection of products and support you every step of the way, from designing and installing your dream kitchen to any challenges or concerns you have after the installation of our Quartex products. As proof of the quality of our products and our commitment to continual customer satisfaction, we offer a “lifetime limited warranty,” which covers any manufacturing defects.

To learn more about our services and range of products, we welcome you to visit our showroom, conveniently located in Toronto. Our Quartex Surface team would be happy to walk you through our showroom, answer any questions you may have, and assist with your design project. Please contact us today at 905-482-7082 or toll free 1-844- 9QUARTZ (978-2789) to schedule a consultation.

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