How To Install A Porcelain Tile Fireplace Surround

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In a Toronto home, fireplaces havethe potential to be a welcoming and stylish point of focus for an attractive living space. If, however, you have a dingy or out of date fireplace surrounding, this can be an eyesore and take away from the beauty of theroom. Fortunately, it’s possible to stay on trend and use quality materials that will not just beautify your room, but also ensure fire safety if you have a gas or wood fireplace. Here’s how you can create your own, unique Toronto fireplace surround without breaking the bank or compromising on material quality.

At Quartex, we’re pleased to offer porcelain in numerous finishes, including smooth, polished and textured. Original borders, accents and designs allow you to make your fireplace surround entirely unique and a focal point of your room. Porcelain is a valuable choice as we can customize it to mimic popular natural stones such as slate, travertine, marble or terra cotta. Whatever design aesthetic you want can be practically and beautifully achieved.

Plan Out Your Design

A straightforward way to commence your planning is to make a cardboard replica of your current fireplace surround. This way, you can imagine your changes within the existing parameters.

Prep Your Toronto Fireplace Surround

You can apply tile directly to existing brick or stone surrounds, but there might be some prep work to do first depending on your situation. You’ll want the surface to be adequately smoothed and to ensure good adhesion of the new material.

Mix up a batch of some thin-set mortar until you get a consistency similar to frosting. Then, spread out a layer of even mortar until grout lines are filledcompletely. Use a trowel to spread and smooth your newly applied mortar and let it dry out overnight. If possible, remove your mantel and apply tape to indicate where it meets your surround. Masonry Screws can be used to attach a temporary support at the upper edge of your firebox for your tiles. Once dry, you’ll no longer need it.

Install Your Toronto Fireplace Tiles

Mix a second batch of the same thin-set mortar, then using a trowel with notches, spread a layer above the support board that you attached to the firebox. Beginning in the centre and working outward, place your tiles into your mortar, alternating from right to left. If your tiles are creative with irregular shapes and edges in the design, use cardboard folded for spacers. Be sure to check on your pieces periodically to ensure they haven’t shifted at all and are flush. You can allow them to dry overnight. You’ll proceed to cover each section of the fireplace perimeter this way until complete.

Finishing And Grout

According to manufacturer instructions, mix your grout and apply it at a 45-degree anglewith a rubber grout tool. After roughly 30 minutes, a grout sponge can wipe excess grout away. You’ll need to allow a week for setting and curing before turning your fireplace on.

Though many people enjoy this project as a DIY challenge, we invite you to call on the experts at Quartex any time if you want experienced and professional installation for a luxurious new fireplace surround.

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