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Whether designing a space in your living room, basement, or bedroom, a fireplace has the ability to bring character and charm to any room.

Porcelain Fireplace

A fireplace is typically the first feature that catches the eye, when entering a room and it anchors the other features beautifully. If you are building or renovating a space with fireplace, there are so many options available that it can be overwhelming; however, porcelain is the best choice for surrounding any fireplace. Whether it uses wood, gas, or electricity, we recommend porcelain due to its versatile design potential, durability, and safety. At Quartex Surfaces in Toronto, we can help you achieve the showstopper fireplace of your dreams using our beautiful and long-lasting porcelain materials.

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Durable Design

In addition to its versatility, porcelain slabs are the best choice for your fireplace due to its extreme durability and low maintenance. While comparable materials such as slate and marble are beautiful, they do not stand the test of time due to their susceptibility to cracking, scratching, and staining. Porcelain slabs, on the other hand, is an incredibly hard-wearing material that is resistant to fading, scratches, stains, and fire. Thus, it allows you to achieve a similar look to natural stone but save the hassle associated with such high maintenance materials. Unlike the alternatives, such as limestone and marble, which easily stain, porcelain tile is much less porous, making it stain resistant and easy to upkeep. As a result, it easily surpasses slate, marble, and granite on MOH’s hardness scale, which measures the strength of materials. Whether it is selected for a residential or commercial space, porcelain will easily withstand every day wear and tear, lasting for many generations.

Porcelain tile is also a suitable choice for outdoor fireplaces due to its weather and water-resistant nature. It can handle all weather conditions, from extreme heat to severe cold and will not fade or crack when exposed to the elements. Unlike many alternative materials, porcelain is resistant to frost, which makes it an ideal choice for Canadian winters.

Porcelain slabs’s extreme durability comes down to the manufacturing process; its colour is locked in for a lifetime when it is fired at extremely high temperatures. On the other hand, ceramic tile’s colour simply sits on its surface, quickly wearing, flaking, and fading away.

When choosing a material for your fireplace, it is important to select a tile that is resilient, hardwearing, and can handle the elements without showing signs of age. Porcelain slabs are the obvious choice due to its strength, durability, and low upkeep. We are so confident in the longevity of our materials that we are proud to offer a “lifetime limited warranty.”

Beautiful Design

The fireplace is a prominent design feature in any room; as such, you want to ensure that you select a material that is beautiful and in keeping with the rest of the space. Porcelain slabs are available in a wide range of colours and textures and are therefore suitable for any design sensibility. Regardless of whether your style is classic or contemporary, rugged or sophisticated, there is a porcelain tile for you. We offer porcelain that bears a striking resemblance to a variety of different popular natural stones, including slate, travertine, limestone, marble, and terracotta. However, for a unique look, we also carry porcelain which has been finished to resemble various woods and metals. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can achieve your desired look without the high cost and maintenance associated with many alternative fireplace materials.

Porcelain slabs can be tailored to fit your specifications, covering both the fireplace surround, the area surrounding the firebox and the hearth, the base that extends in front of your fireplace. To further complement and customize your specific space, we offer porcelain in natural, polished, smooth, and textured finishes and a number of original borders, accents, and patterns. As a result of the almost limitless design possibilities of porcelain slabs, your fireplace, the focal point of your space, will be completely original to you.

Safe Choice

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a material for your fireplace is safety. Porcelain is an extremely safe option which provides a fireproof barrier between your fireplace and your home. It is an ideal solution for your fireplace surround and hearth because it can sustain the exceptionally high temperatures that your fireplace will reach as well as the significant changes in temperature that take place relatively quickly within a fireplace. While many other materials can become damaged as a result of extreme heat or cold, porcelain is not affected by temperature changes.

Unlike materials such as clay, Cornish stone, and granite, porcelain is a non-flammable material which does not emit toxic fumes, so you can feel confident in the safety and efficacy of your fireplace.

To learn more about the benefits of porcelain fireplaces and the various colours, finishes, and textures we offer, we welcome you to visit our showroom, conveniently located in Toronto. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer care team would be happy to walk you through the various options and help you select the best porcelain for your fireplace hearth and surround. In addition to our vast selection, what really sets us apart is the continual customer care we provide to all of our clients. From the minute you walk through our door to the installation of our beautiful porcelain fireplace, we are always here to support you. In addition, should you have any questions or concerns after the installation of your stunning fireplace, we would be happy to help.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us today at 905-482-7082 or toll free at 1-844-978-2789 or feel free to drop by our stunning, state of the art showroom anytime.

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