Choosing the Right Colour for Your Quartz Countertop in Toronto


When you’re designing a kitchen, you’re also creating the heart of a home. Each detail helps to set the tone you’ll experience every day. Quartz is one of the best materials you can select for your kitchen, and an essential step in your design process will be to choose a colour and style.

Toronto quartz countertops are available in a broad spectrum of hues, so you can easily coordinate other décor elements, including fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, and floors. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with options, don’t despair! The friendly experts at Quartex Surfaces can provide advice about what’s trending and what classic styles you can rely on. To get you started, here are 4 tips to choose the shade that’s best for your kitchen.

1. Start with a colour list

Toronto quartz countertops can come in almost any hue, so start your decision-making process by drafting a list of shades you would consider. Walk around your home with fresh eyes and notice which colour families are already represented in your décor. Modern counters can be light or dark, and quartz is manufactured so that you won’t be limited by Mother Nature in your choices. You’ll reduce your list over time, but you can’t have too many options when you’re just starting the design process.

2. Imagine your dream kitchen

Take the colours from your list and visualize them with design software or good old-fashioned imagination. Daydreaming about how your kitchen will feel with beautiful new countertops can help push past decision overwhelm. Perhaps you don’t know yet whether you’d prefer quartz in a bold hue with tons of sparkle, or a more subdued neutral tone that mimics natural stone. Your imagination can test-run even the wildest designs, and only some will have enough appeal to stay on your list.

3. Get obsessed with surfaces

The best decisions aren’t made in an instant, so start observing what you love or hate about other countertops anywhere you go. Remember, quartz can mimic the appearance of natural stone if you wish, so you don’t need to scope out only quartz countertops in Toronto. How do you feel about the counters in your office kitchen or your best friend’s bathroom? Do they brighten the space, and do they create a sense of elegance? Do they match the area around them, or do they bring contrast?

Compare the real-life countertops you see daily with the visualizations you loved most. A reality check can cut down your list even further.

4. Bring samples home

When you’ve narrowed your choices to a few options, it can really help to see the tones you’re considering in your own space. Take the guesswork out of complementing your cabinets and wall colour by placing samples next to existing fixtures and cupboards to compare which shades and styles are most beautiful.

A few notes:

  • If your kitchen is cozy, lighter shades lend the illusion of space and help the area feel more expansive.
  • Darker colours in a large space add a sense of elegance.
  • Quartz can be variegated with swirls or flecks of pigmentation to add sparkle or realism

Plan your visit to Quartex Surfaces today or browse our inspiring catalogue which showcases innovative styles to bring designs to life. All our high-grade products are guaranteed with a “lifetime limited warranty.”

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