5 things you didn’t know about quartz countertops in Toronto

quartz countertops in Toronto

Many people are likely aware that quartz countertops are uniquely different from other natural stone countertops. They may even understand that they are made from a type of engineered stone that is composed of small particles of stone bound together with plastic resins.

However, there are other facts about quartz countertop that most people are unfamiliar with. Toronto quartz countertops are even more unique and unusual than other countertops.

1. They all Originate from one Source

In 1963, the Breton company in northeast Italy developed the technology for engineering stone and licensed the process under the trademark name, Bretonstone®. The process for engineering stone consists of a number of steps including the blending of grounded particles of natural stone with a mix of plastic polymers, removing the air and finally, heating and shaping the polymerized material into slabs that mimic the characteristic hardness and appearance of natural stone.

Over 50 years, Bretonstone® continues to live on internationally. Its technology has been licensed to more than 50 different companies around the globe, including popular brands such as Silestone, Cambria and Caesarstone. While these manufacturers add a unique flair to their countertops, they are all still using the original, patented technology from Breton. In Toronto, quartz countertops can commonly be found to contain fragments of mirrors, glass and various other mixtures of marble and granite to create unique and elegant aesthetics.

2. They are Environmentally Friendly

The engineering of these counters does not require any trees to be sacrificed and cut down. In fact, they are very environmentally friendly as 90% of its stone-like materials are waste by-products of other manufacturing processes. This means that no natural stone is quarried for the sole purpose of these countertops.

In addition, even the plastic resins that comprise the remaining 10% of the countertops have been improved to be less synthetic and more natural.

3. You often Walk on Quartz

Unsurprisingly, most homeowners associate kitchen and bathroom counters when they think of quartz. What many people don’t know is that they frequently interact with quartz in shopping malls, airports and so on since the majority of quartz is slabbed in massive sizes for commercial uses. Interestingly though, slabs of quartz were originally cut into smaller sizes until more recently.

4. Quartz and Granite are no longer Competitors

For many years, engineered stone or quartz have tried to develop a reputation as a more durable and easily fabricated version of granite. But now, quartz that have a unique and modern aesthetic are increasingly popular.

5. More quartz leads to lower Granite Prices

As Toronto quartz countertops become more popular with homeowners and continue to take over the market share for granite, the prices for granite have been decreasing. This is a fortunate side-effect for anyone who is interested in installing granite for their countertops.

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